About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Placer School for Adults provides students with education and training to overcome barriers, discover pathways, and become lifelong learners who are successful throughout life.


  1. Effective Communicators who:

    • Use effective listening and comprehension skills

    • Utilize oral, written, non-verbal, and/or technology-based forms of communication

    • Interact with others in an appropriate, responsible manner

  2. Problem Solvers who:

    • Identify the problem(s)

    • Gather, organize, and evaluate information

    • Take appropriate action

  3. Lifelong Learners who:

    • Set goals

    • Develop plans to accomplish goals

    • Demonstrate resilience when encountering barriers

    • Demonstrate persistence in achieving goals

    • Acquire new knowledge or skills

    • Follow directions to properly use tools/technology in applied situations

Randy Ittner, Principal