High School


It’s not too late to get your diploma! Check out Placer School for Adults High School Requirements and take the next step in your education or career.

If you are a current high school student looking to make up credits, contact your high school counselor for registration information.

All of our courses are a combination of in-class and online. PSA uses self-paced online courses through Edmentum in a classroom setting with a credentialed teacher.

Placer School for Adults provides school counseling for high school students and adults who are seeking their high school diploma or GED certification.

Steps to Register

1. Send us your high school transcripts for review. Email (khogan@puhsd.k12.ca.us and blanning@puhsd.k12.ca.us)

2. Make an appointment with a PSA counselor to help determine if a high school diploma or GED is a better option for you.

Edmentum Login Instructions

  1. Please check in with your teacher each day.

  • Please note that you receive NO credit for just showing up online. Credit is earned through passing mastery tests with an overall class grade of 80% or better.

  1. Login to our online courses by going to: https://login.edmentum.com/

  1. At the account login page insert the following:

      • Account: PSA

      • User Name: (your last name plus the first two letters of your first name. Kaeli Hogan would be: hoganka)

      • Password: your 6 digit birth date including zeros before single digits and two digits for your birth year (a birthday of March 13, 2000 would be 031300)

  1. As soon as you have access to your classes, you may begin reading material and working towards earning credits.

    • Check in with your teacher each class day for instructional support and to confirm what you should be working on in order to earn your credits as quickly as possible.

    • Check in with your teacher before leaving the program to ensure that you’ve earned the correct number of credits that you need and put in at least 12 hours of attendance.

  2. School runs from:

    • Monday, August 23, 2021 - December 9, 2021
      You are expected to show activity and progress in Edmentum (check at the top of the class progress bar), and check in with your teacher via Google Meet every week. Any student not meeting these requirements will be contacted by the teacher and if failure to respond, may be removed from the class.

    • If you need any tech support help, contact PSA IT Chris Anderson (530) 885-8585 ext 6011.

Our Counselors

Kaeli Hogan


(530) 885-8585 ext. 6003

Beth Lanning


(530) 885-8585 ext. 6012