Learning to Enhance Your Life

Personal Enrichment courses give you the opportunity to explore new interests, further your passions, improve your skills, and make new friends in a fun, low-pressure environment. Our teachers are experts in their fields and provide top-quality instruction. 

Classes Include:

♦ Advanced Painting Workshop

Artistic Drawing the Old West

Artistic Landscape Drawing

Baking with Amish Friendship Bread Starter

Becoming a Notary Public

Beginning Calligraphy

Beginning Guitar 1

Beginning Guitar 2

Beginning Watercolor 1

Beginning Watercolor 2

Beginning Watercolor 3


Christmas Cookie Tray

Copper Fold Forming

Delicious American Summer Scones

Digital Storytelling

DSLR Photography

Fall Season Feast: Pumpkin Lasagna Rolls and Apple Crisp

Financial Fundamentals and Your American Dream

Fire Insurance: What You Need to Know

Greeting Cards for the Holidays

Holiday Quick Breads

Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor Composition and Design

Introduction to Playing Your Keyboard

iPhone for Beginners

iPhone for Intermediate and Advanced Users

iPhone Photography

Photo Editing 101

Loan Signing Agent

Safe and Simple Investing

Video Editing 101

Winter Delight Christmas Jam 

Engage Your Mind and Expand Your Horizons!