Career Technical Education

Placer School for Adults has a robust Career Technical Education program offering students pathways to employment in multiple industry sectors. Classes include Accounting, Clinical Medical Assistant, Construction Pre-Apprenticeship, Microsoft Office Applications, and Welding. Every teacher in the program is an expert in their field and possesses a California Teaching Credential.

construction worker on roof with a nail gun representing our Building and Construction Trades Program

Building and Construction Trades

  • Construction Pre-Apprenticeship

  • Welding

Female in a office enviroment with paper and a pen representing our Business and Finance Program

Business and Finance

  • Accounting

  • Microsoft in the WorkPlace

  • Excel 2019

  • Quickbooks

medical student with a clipboard and stethascope around his neck representing Health Science and Medical Technolgy

Health Science and Medical Technology

  • Clinical Medical Assistant

  • Home Care Aide Basics

  • Medical Terminology

welder in welding gear, welding representing our Manufacturing and Product Development

Manufacturing and Product Development

  • Welding

office worker on phone representing our Workforce Preparaton Classes

Workforce Preparation

  • Introduction to Microsoft Office 2019

  • Google Apps for the Business Professional

  • Making Solid Career Choices

  • 5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Job Prospects!

  • Employability Skills Required by the 21st Century Workplace