Adult Students

Student Success Stories

Student success stories illustrate the determination and perseverance found among California’s adult learners, many of whom have had to overcome significant obstacles to achieve their personal goals. Placer School for Adults has helped countless students to overcome barriers in order to advance to a higher wage, a better job, higher education, or greater independence through life skills development. Here are two stories from PSA students:


Student Profile

Cheyne first enrolled with PSA as a high school diploma student in the fall of 2021. He worked diligently to complete his classes and earn his diploma in one term. This marked the beginning of his educational goals and pathway with PSA. Next, he enrolled in a number of career technical education courses to explore career options. He completed the Instructional Assistant Training course because he has an interest in pursuing a career in education. He has also enrolled in courses in the school’s Business and Finance pathway, completing Excel, Accounting and QuickBooks.

Cheyne is a motivated student who responsible, respectful, and a great role model for his fellow classmates. Cheyne exemplify the PSA Mission overcoming  barriers, discovering pathways, and embracing life-long learning.