High School Graduation Requirements

Placer School for Adults High School Graduation Requirements

1. English - 30 credits

2. Mathematics - 10 credits

3. Algebra I - 10 credits

4. Science - 20 credits

  • Biological Science 10 credits

  • Physical Science 10 credits

5. Social Studies - 30 credits

  • World Studies and Geography 10 credits

  • United States History 10 credits

  • American Government (Civics) 5 credits

  • Economics 5 credits

6. Fine Arts/Foreign Language/Career Technical Education - 10 credits

7. Health & Safety - 5 credits

8. Electives - 45 credits

Total Credits Required for Graduation 160 credits

Proficiencies for Graduation shall be met by the student’s successful mastery of subject material and skills in required courses. A person establishes status as an Adult School student by successfully completing a minimum of 5 credits and 12 hours of attendance at Placer School for Adults. Credit toward meeting the graduation requirements enumerated above shall be awarded for the following:

  1. Credit earned at the Placer School for Adults.

  2. Credits transferred from public and private (including parochial) secondary and adult schools.

  3. Credit transferred from community colleges. (California Administrative Code)

  4. Credit earned at public and private (including parochial) colleges and universities, including extension courses.

  5. Courses taken at approved trade, technical, and vocational schools.

  6. Courses taken in military and industrial training programs.

  7. Coursework and training taken in approved apprenticeship programs.

  8. Courses taken in CETA/JTPA classroom training programs.

  9. Courses completed in approved correspondence schools (maximum 40 credits – California Administrative Code).

  10. Work Achievement Credit (not to exceed 30 credits – California Administrative Code).

  11. Armed Forces Basic Training (15 credits Military Science and Hygiene – California Administrative Code).

  12. Placer School for Adults will allow up to 20 credits of Physical Education to count toward electives.

  13. Other verifiable education, training, and/or experience as approved and authorized by the Principal of the Placer School for Adults or his/her designee.